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Torque transfer standard.

DTN 38 torque transfer standard

DTN38 Box

The DTN 38 is a standard for calibrating torque measuring systems to determine the operating forces in rotary actuators. Rotary actuators are used in many technical devices and are increasingly subjected to full quality testing as a consequence of increasing quality requirements.
Specially developed rotary haptic systems register the characteristic torque curve of the knobs. The test system needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure that it functions properly.
SYSTEC GmbH manufactures a wide range of different test systems and has looked in great depth at the calibration of rotary haptic measuring systems. SYSTEC has developed the DTN 38 standard, which makes it possible to calibrate the entire haptic test system for the first time. This standard works on the basis of reluctance force to embody a calibrated torque curve in a defined form.




DTN-38-KennlinieTorque curve is characterized by an approximately constant amplitude height and low frictional torque. The sinusoidal curve makes it easier to interpret the calibration results.
Calibration of the DTN 38 uses a specially developed process that minimizes transverse sensitivity and guarantees coincidence of the calibration results with the actual torque curve.
A standard such as the DTN 38 is indispensable for calibrating rotary haptic systems. The DTN 38 stands out among others with the following features:

  • Calibrated torque curveDTN-38-Drehmomentverlauf
  • 10 to 80 mNm nominal torque (MS-S)
  • Low frictional torque
  • Low mass moment of inertia of the rotor
  • Low temperature influence
  • Screening from external magnetic fields
  • No EMC impact on the environment
  • No energy supply required

Technical details : Data sheet DTN 38

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