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Software engineering.

SYSTEC develops software using various different approaches. Most solutions are created with the aid of the LabVIEW software engineering platform developed by National Instruments. This platform can be used to perform even highly complex tasks within a short period.

When creating new solutions, SYSTEC uses LabVIEW-based application frameworks that can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. With these frameworks, it is also possible to optimally synchronize concurrent processes. The integration of .net libraries (C#) and the use of high-performance CUDA codes enables competitive cycle times to be achieved. Test sequences can be easily produced and managed. Many options are available in this regard, such as XML files, spreadsheets (e.g., MS-Excel) or databases, of course.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) can also be integrated, of course. In this regard, SYSTEC supports different syntaxes, such as Codesys.

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