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RUM_V1As an Alliance partner of Mitsubishi (Automation Center), SYSTEC is a system integrator for motion and robotics components of that manufacturer. 5- and 6-axis articulated robots are used in addition to 4-axis SCARA robots.
Besides the classical fields of “pick and place” and handling, the robots provide ideal platforms for actuators and sensors of all kinds. In addition to haptic tests (rotary haptics, button haptics, rocker switch haptics) and image processing tests (dependent on angle of view), it is also possible to perform geometrical measurements and to detect various measurement parameters (e.g., temperature, wavelength, noise, vibrations, magnetic flux, and much more besides). These parameters can be synchronized with communications protocols to achieve the maximum possible depth of testing.

With the help of CAD software (Solid Works; MelfaWorks), SYSTEC is able to simulate workflows in realtime at the customer even before the design is presented, in order to allow precise estimation of cycle times. We have also developed a LabVIEW-realtime interface that allows complex trajectory control with concurrent detection of any parameters.
It is possible in this way to switch dynamically in-process between the standard robot programming mode and the LabVIEW realtime mode. The main fields of application are laboratories and manufacturing.

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