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Test circuitry.

drehhaptik_messrackSYSTEC test racks are based on the revolutionary National Instruments single-board realtime IO architecture and are therefore fully programmable in LabVIEW.The matrix switch units of the newly developed test circuits are universally parameterizable and cover many application profiles. Key elements (besides the backplane adapted to customer requirements) include the highly-integrated switching module in DIMM format. All modules have a dedicated microcontroller that is directly connected via a two-wire link (I2C) to ports of the FPGA element in the single-board RIO module. The microcontrollers (optionally) control 80 PhotoMOS relays.  The multiplexer modules, controlled by microcontrollers and composed of DIMM modules, feature outstanding characteristics in respect of extendibility, response times, switching times, maintainability, calibratability, robustness and value for money. These modules can be easily plugged into the newly developed backplanes. Highly scalable matrix switches for measurement technology can be achieved by combining the modules with the SB-RIO system.

Advantages of test circuitry:

  • maximum reliability (>1015 cycles)
  • extremely small footprint
  • very large number of channelsMUX
  • high level of complexity
  • lowest switching times
  • optimal response times
  • excellent value for money
  • best maintainability (replacement within 5 seconds, due to DIMM technology)
  • extremely robust and shock-resistant
  • excellent scalability
  • small form factor (SMT)
  • realtime/FPGA system (no virus attack possible)
  • short conductor lengths, high immunity to interference, excellent maintainability
  • self-calibrating system using voltage and current standards (calibrated via central 6.5-digit system multimeter)
  • self-aligning subsystem (storage of support points and algorithms in flash memory)
  • universally configurable system
  • redundancies
  • high-performance processes
  • strong reduction in host computer load
  • optimal MTBF values
  • replacement components precalibrated and usable for all variants
  • extendibility, matrix switch options
  • current and voltage standards integrated
  • usable for next-generation test specimens

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