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Light technology.

SYSTEC_MG_9924In addition to image processing, measurement and analysis of photometric parameters in end-of-line testing of operating and display components is becoming increasingly important, not only in the automotive industry. Measuring cameras are generally unsuitable for use in laboratories, due to price, or for production, due to their low throughput, or suitable only under certain conditions, because different sectional images have to be made with different filters in order to obtain a complete image. As test specimens in end-of-line testing are exposed to light density derating (the light density is reduced), such systems achieve poor results in production in terms of measurement uncertainties, because a steady-state condition is not reached on most devices until 15-20 minutes have elapsed.
SYSTEC uses industrial area scan cameras in order to minimize such problems. The cameras are traceably calibrated using an integrating sphere and a spectroradiometer.

The following analyses, inter alia, can be carried out using such systems:

  • light density
  • dominant wavelength
  • colour coordinates
  • flicker


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