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Light density measuring cameras.

In addition to traditional AOI requirements such as shape matching and pattern matching, the specifications sheets of many OEMs (not just in the automotive industry) call for a growing number of photometric analyses such as luminance, dominant wavelength and chromaticity coordinate.


SYSTEC optical measuring system OMS 4.0

SYSTEC has reacted by developing a universal camera system that can meet both requirements for a reasonable price. It has developed a system solution that sets new standards by combining specially developed algorithms, a chip-side telecentric lens with robotic aperture specially developed for SYSTEC by Sill Optics, and unique prism-based JAI 3CCD camera technology.

The robotic aperture is equipped as standard with two different focal apertures and a fully closed aperture for automatic dark current calibration, and is therefore excellently suited for areas with high luminance (e.g. for function and location lighting or displays). With a service life of several million cycles (the aperture mechanism is actuated simply via 24V DIOs) it is predestined for use in end-of-belt testing systems.

By calibrating the camera with integrating spheres and spectral radiometers in our in-house lighting lab, we can guarantee luminance measurements with an excellent measurement uncertainty for the visible wavelength range.

The main advantages of the universal camera system from SYSTEC when compared to specialist luminance measuring cameras are its high speed, significantly higher resolution, suitability for production and considerably lower price.

As images can be snapped within a few hundred milliseconds, derating the luminance of the test pieces has become almost irrelevant.


Luminance distribution of a display element (false colour representation)

In terms of V(λ) filtering and chromatic aberration, SYSTEC relies on a pure software-based approach. As a result, customer-specific calibration and adjustment is highly precise and cost-effective at the same time.

The measurement stability and the stability of the measurement camera in productive use are determined by means of a cyclical capability test with a luminance standard from SYSTEC.

Intuitive software for use in factory automation and the corresponding whisper-quiet 19” industrial PC with the latest XEON architecture, DDR4 ECC memory, highly reliable solid state drives and professional Quadro graphics cards guarantee the shortest possible teaching and EOL cycle times in line with the latest specification sheet requirements and offer outstanding value for money.

For more details see our Datasheet OMS 4.0



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