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Force Feedback Module.

Force Feedback Module FFM

Automotive interior control elements like buttons and rotary switches are increasingly being replaced by touch-sensitive surfaces. In order to provide both an intuitive interface and a save control of the
vehicle, touch-sensitive controls generate haptic feedbacks like impulses or brief vibration of the surface.


SYSTEC has developed the FFM for the acquisition of this measured variable. In addition to an electronic control system specially adapted to this module, it has a precision linear axis for the exact positioning of the test finger on the test surface.

In order to be able to reproduce the haptic sensation of the human being as exactly as possible, the sensor system has a force sensor that records the pressure of the measuring finger on the test object. In combination with the spring-loaded acceleration sensor (Z), the step response of the DUT can be recorded.

The module has integrated 16 bit AD converters for data acquisition. Data transmission to the evaluation PC is exclusively via Ethernet, only 24V/3A DC is required as supply voltage.

The module can be used in laboratory systems as well as in production systems (EOL) in identical design.

Download Datasheet FFM 





Measuring principle

The module moves the test finger onto the surface of the test specimen and continues to move until the spring has built up a user-defined force. After the measuring finger has been extended, it no longer has any mechanical connection to the rest of the measuring module. The accelerometer only measures the system response of the surface under test.

The feed and measuring speed of the linear axis is adjustable from 0.1 to 60 mm/s.

The FFM is also suitable for the active (dynamic) measurement of a key haptic. For this purpose, in addition to the acceleration acting on the finger, the actuating force is also measured.

The FFM can be used on all SYSTEC device carriers.





Calibration is performed with the force feedback standard developed by SYSTEC. This enables integration and thus calibration directly in the application systems. The measuring module can thus be calibrated on site at regular intervals, which considerably reduces maintenance costs.



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