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Key haptic standards.

THN-series key haptic standards


Key haptic testing systems for detecting and analyzing haptic torque curves are being used in more and more products in the automotive and consumer industries.
To calibrate these systems, SYSTEC has developed a THN force transfer standard with which it is possible to calibrate the entire haptic test system.

Backlash-free, friction-optimized guidance

Using backlash-free flexure bearings for axial guidance minimizes any friction that arises and enhances the system’s repeatability. Tappet movement is also limited in the axial direction, also warranting an otherwise stiff mounting of the tappet. Another advantage provided by the axial guidance is the standards’ high level of tolerance to eccentric actuation.
The standard has an integrated overload protection to prevent damage up to a force of 25 N.


Diagramm Parameter Tastenhaptiknormal steilerEngraved force curve

A defined, reproducible force curve is engraved in the THN 16 as the standard. The lower figure shows the typical force curve for actuating (blue) and releasing (violet).

Long-term behaviour

The stainless steel design protects the standard from oxidation under the usual operating conditions prevailing in automation technology. The rating of the mechanical components in the purely resilient range results in an almost unlimited service life.
Details: Data sheet THN 16


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