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Facility design.

When we design a facility, this includes the overall functional and safety engineering concept for a test system or production plant. We translate customer requirements into application-based facility concepts in a targeted manner.

In addition to the selection and rating of components, our facility designers also conduct and document all safety-relevant analyses in accordance with the applicable Machinery Directives. This applies in equal measure to the design of new facilities and to conversions/extensions of existing facilities, such as:

  • modernization of the control and operating concept
  • safety engineering upgrading/retrofitting of older facilities that no longer conform to current regulations
  • extending the functions of a facility (e.g., additional inspection or assembly steps)
  • complete electrical and mechanical refurbishment of facilities, with retention of core components
  • facility analysis/hazard analysis from the safety engineering perspective
  • preparation of new and updating of existing circuit diagrams for existing facilities
  • transfer of circuit diagrams in paper form to digital formats

Our design team using state-of-the-art software platforms supported by databases in order to prepare circuit diagrams, pneumatic diagrams and installation plans in accordance with standards.

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