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Adapter boards.

Adapter boards for NI modules

Adapter boards made by SYSTEC are convenient solutions for connecting digital signals to digital I/O cards made by National Instruments.
They make it easy to access the digital inputs and outputs of the D-Sub ports of National Instruments modules within facilities: as Western sockets, two-tier terminal blocks or pin strips – for simplified connection of sensors and actuators.



For connecting to the NI PCI-6509 National Instruments digital I/O card.
Ports its signals to Western socket connectors.

Data sheet


For connecting to the NI PCI-6510 National Instruments digital input card.
Connects 32 digital input signals.

Data sheet


For connecting to the NI PCI-6518 National Instruments digital input card.
Provides 16 digital inputs and outputs in each case.

Data sheet


Provides eight opto-decoupled input channels.

Data sheet


Used to switch small loads of up to 0.5 A at voltages up to 50 V.
Can be used as a switched source or as a sink.

Data sheet

Multiplexer MP/16-1

Connects 16 digital input signals to one output channel.

Data sheet



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